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Warinei Wanare - Ayahuasca Music

Warinei Wanare has been a good friend, teacher and shaman to us since our initial meeting in Colombia in 2004. Not only does he carry a strict diligence and dedication to these shamanic traditions, he brings his huge heart energy to this work. This is indeed a rare combination and shines through during his ceremonies.

An ayahuasca ceremony in the traditional sense is a time when the tribe would gather together in an evening to drink the medicine for its healing, visionary and spiritual transformation effects. Each person's experience is highly individual and is a direct communication with the deepest parts of who they are. The heightened sensitivity created by the plant unlocks a state of consciousness where the person is fully awake, yet aware of their inner subconscious mind. Shamans refer to this state as ‘dreaming while you are awake’.

During these ceremonies the songs and music are forms of prayer that bring healing energies into the ceremonial space. The sound vibration connects the shaman and plant medicine to the people. In the ayahuasca tradition it is said that the shaman sings the sickness away.

Prayers (9:44) Download

Hang Percussion Drum (8:17) Download

Lakota Songs (11:26) Download

Flute (5:29) Download

Harmonica (8:00) Download

Hang Percussion Drum (14:10) Download

Listen to the Hang Drum recording from our ayahuasca ceremonies in Colombia. This magical instrument is a very rare percussion drum. It’s sound is extraordinary.

Warinei and his assistants play music all night long during the ceremonies. Music becomes the signal or the channel to bring the spiritual healing energies into the physical space. The shaman connects to a place within and the music plays through him. Sometimes a song is only ever played once and has a single purpose.